Thursday, April 1, 2010

My So-Called Life...

I told myself that I was going to write more, but for some reason I cannot find the knack for it. I don't know why; there are so many things that if I had the thought to write them down (random melodies, song lyrics, things to do, etc.) I'd probably be a lot more organized. I'll get it together sooner or later.

Being unemployed now (wow...reading that bothered me a little, but I won't edit it out of my writings) frees up a lot of time nothing. LOL. Most of the time and most of the day, I sit around in tank top and draws doing nothing. Listening to music, watching DVR programming, short trips to Popeye's and random places notwithstanding, what is there to do? No job to wake up for, occasional meetings at the school, choir rehearsal...and then what?

It's funny...being unemployed has shown me the true nature of a LOT of people. When people THINK you don't have any money, they're less prone to invite you out to eat, less prone to invite you on random road trips, less prone to invite you to parties and what not. I still get invited to the occasional social events that I really don't want to attend to begin with, but sometimes, it's best to show your face so people don't worry about you and shower you with feigned pity. LOL. I support my friends and their events still with no concerns about my bills, because they are clearly paid for. That said, I know I have to be more financially responsible now that I don't have an extra income to fall back on. My bills are paid, food is stocked in the fridge, all that jazz...but no more Ferragamo boots or things like that. I might even have to eat at...dare I say it...Applebee's...nah, NOT happening anytime soon. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sitting here listening to music with the TV off is making me be a little more real and honest than I usually would be, but I don't mind. More often than not I volunteer information in my quest to be transparent as often as possible, and that WILL continue, believe that. That said, here goes...

It's a little awkward waking up with nothing to do. I had fallen in the routine of waking up and begrudgingly dragging myself to work that I miss it. Granted, I DO NOT miss some of the people at The Bullseye, but there are some people that I do miss, even though I could just go up there anytime I'd like. The difference is, the time period. There was a lot of fun that I had at work and I'd wake up excited to work with CERTAIN people. I mean, there were people I know that I HATED to see, but I figured I didn't have to work with them as directly as I did with cashiers and guest service team members. The daily interactions I had with some people have even carried into my personal life, and I appreciate that to no end. However, that red and khaki was fun, I can't lie. I'm disappointed to an extent that I wasn't one of the "favorited" ones; I say that because the infraction I was fired for (yes, I don't mind telling people that I was fired, it's the truth) was something that almost every person in my position has done before. I think it's just a matter of who tells on you and who is told. LOL. I've really thought about that a lot and it bothers me that people would act so juvenile, but believe me when I say that KARMA is an evil heifer and she exacts her revenge mercilessly.

I'm feeling the need for a J-Bizzle Experience 2.0 (or is it 3.0?) in the near future. I think I want to get more of the western states in this time. Texas, Arkansas, California, Washington; states over there, not just states in the southeast and northeast like last year. I had an AMAZING time in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Norfolk, Philly (even though I just breezed through), Orlando, Tuscaloosa, and all the other places I went last year, but this year I want to really head WEST. So look out west coast. LOL.

Okay, I had my fun, but now I need to get into my music. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO behind on listening to my music that I'm going to be digging in this weekend HARD. Darien Brockington, Monica's latest, Erykah Badu, Raheem DeVaughn, Slim (from 112, finally), Coko's latest, just a BUNCH of stuff. Maybe I'll even write some reviews. LOL.

I'm out...two fingaz...

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