Thursday, September 15, 2011

AN ENTIRE YEAR??????????

I thought I would come on here and write a lil' thoughtful lil' blog or something, until I realize it has been an ENTIRE YEAR. LITERALLY, AN ENTIRE YEAR that I have written something here. I kid you not, I did NOT do that on purpose, waiting until today to post. I checked my dashboard for blogs that I follow and then I came here. Wow.

Well, wow. I mean, just wow. LOL!!!!

I have been running around a lot, I guess, mainly in the past few months. My background vocal calls and session singer calls have increased. I guess you can say that I am "in-demand". While there are MANY, MANY singers that I think are fifty times better than I am, I am thankful for any of the opportunities that I have been given, past, present or future. It's just something that I enjoy. I've never been one to REALLY want to be a solo artist or even a part of a world-renowned group or anything; I REALLY do like singing in the background. I have a LOT of tracks of me just singing the chorus to things to hear how the harmony sounds or things like that. I've done some demos of my own songs that I have written, but for the most part, they will remain largely unheard. I think one day I will get the bug again and actually finish a project, one that I can actually say that I am proud of. I'm not looking for fame and fortune or anything like that; I'd just like to say that I completed a CD. lol. I guess we will see, sooner or later.

As of late, that's really all that's been going on with me. I haven't really done much of anything outside of musical ventures, simply because that's a large part of my life. I guess I'm just too boring. LOL!