Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bullseye Bullsh!t...

I'm going to try to get up in here a little more often to actually write stuff. I'm not going to try to get all meaningful or anything like that, but just basically explain my so-called life as I see it.

So, of course, most people that know me, know that I work at Target. It's a wonderful little company that tries so hard to establish itself as a diverse company (catch that subliminal message in there, if you can). Anyway, I can honestly say that I love what I do, whenever I do get the chance to really do it. But, as of late, I have really been encountering a LOT of foolishness that I typically DO NOT tolerate.

Back in October of 2008, I was the Food Avenue Team Leader. It was such a thankless job, for I was always under the impression that I was doing such a horrible job, even though I couldn't see where I was doing so badly. Nevertheless, the opportunity arose for me to become a GSA - Guest Service Attendant. Anyone who knows me knows I wanted to be a GSTL - Guest Service Team Leader, but the GSA position is not a lateral move, but more of a demotion. I was NOT interested in taking a marvelous steep decline in pay, so I negotiated to keep a reasonable amount of my pay for my voluntary demotion. It was accepted, so I accepted the position.

Some parts of me feel as if I have sold out or something. Granted, Food Avenue was a very stressful position to have, but it feels as if a lot of the responsibility of the Front End has been squarely placed on my shoulders, unnecessarily. I have been approached to "raise the guest survey scores", because everyone knows that I am quite friendly and approachable. That said, since I switched over, the survey scores have relatively increased and the Front End has gotten a LOT better, in my opinion.

However, it seems as if there is TOO mch responsibility placed on my position, even though it is NOT a team leader position. What is that about? Then, there are a couple persons that are in the team leader position (I won't divulge names simply to avoid feather-ruffling; I know for a fact that people google my name and this particular blog will come up, thanks) that DO NOT fit the particular position. I'd like to not feel like there is some favoritism, nepotism, or even some sense of discrimination (racial and sexist) going on, but it's hard to NOT take notice, if I can be so honest. You mean to tell me I can be reprimanded for sitting on the Guest Service desk and "talking about non-team member issues while the registers are in backup", but a certain GSTL can run rampant amongst the aisles in the store "helping guests"? You mean to tell me that a certain GSTL can continually remind me that I have no real control over the Front End because I am "just a GSA", but I can still be subject to disciplinary action for not closing registers and cleaning? Yo mean to tell me that I can be scheduled as a cashier (sans Wednesdays, my closing nights) but when a GSTL is scheduled he should NEVER touch a lane?

Maybe I'm just crazy. I'm going to leave this right where it is before this becomes a novel.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Musical Support...

What's going on people?

I know it's been a while since I have posted, but life has taken me in many different directions. Believe me when I say that my future is looking bright!! I've enjoyed more time with my family, I have been in the studio a little bit doing some session vocals, and I have been blessed to purchase a car that I LOVE. God is so awesome.

Okay, so, I wanted to talk about something today. As I was sitting in the Comfort Suites hotel (my mother and youngest brother have come down to visit), I had a good conversation with the front desk attendant. He happens to have a gospel group in the Jacksonville area, and we spoke about things and the music life here.

What dawned on me and what I told him was that it is really good to hear local groups actually support each other. He had gone to a concert for another gospel artist, and he had taken his group to show support. Now, I thought that was pretty admirable, because a lot of times you will have groups trying to outsing each other and outdo each other. It's good when groups can come together and enjoy a service together without someone oversinging or trying to show off how they may be better than the other.

I've noticed, in my long years of life, lol, that a lot of people and groups in the music industry (in each genre) will try to outdo the next artist. I've seen it in a music showcase and I've seen it at the Stellar Awards; I've seen it at the GMWA Convention and I have seen it at the Grammys. Everyone seems to be interested in seeing who can sing better than who, who can harmonize better, who can riff or run better, who has clearer runs, who can outgrowl you, and who shouldn't ever be singing at all to begin with. I think it's such a shame, when the focus should either be on the ministry or on the music (depending on which genre). That's why I was VERY glad to hear that an artist had no problems supporting the works of another.

I hope that when I get deeper into the music industry (if I ever choose to do so), people will actually notice that it's not about the melismas and the tightest SHOULD be all about supporting one another's craft. I'll pray on it...