Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thoughts and Thinkings...

"Wait A Minute" - Lawrence Flowers and Intercession
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"After the Storm Is Gone"
"Why Not"
"Learning to Love You"
"You Haven't Lived"
"Take the Time to Wait"

I told myself that I was going to "write" a lot more; I just wish there was some way to transmit my thoughts to blog, without the tedious process of typing and rearranging words and the like. I'm trying to maintain my word by writing a little more. There are soooooo many random thoughts that run through this big head of mine that I should be able to write something EVERY day...just don't have the desire to.

As this year is rapidly coming to a close, I'm being quite retrospective. I've done A LOT of things that I didn't think I would be able to do; I was blessed to bless others, I was able to do some light travelling, and even work on my attitude and what not. I think that this year was a VERY good year. Even though there were plenty of hiccups, failed friendships, faked relationships, and frayed acquaintanceships, I've done pretty well in maintaining my sanity. Plenty other people would have lost their minds or something worse, but God has kept me.

I've noticed how subjective honesty really is. Lots of people are quite unwilling to hear what you have to say, even if they've asked for your opinion. I won't name names, but there are a couple people that I came into 2009 with that I surely will NOT leave 2009 with. If you ever feel the need to question my friendship based on an opinion that you've asked of me, then we probably shouldn't've been friends to begin with. If you have to question my friendship based on something I know NOTHING about, even after I ask you what it's about, then it's probably for the best that we maintain our distance (literally and figuratively).

A lot of people don't take constructive criticism well; I can freely admit that there have been times where I've fallen into that category. It's because of it that I can say, through experience, that it depends on HOW that criticism is given. Of course, if it's given in a sardonic, condescending way, it's DEFinitely not going to be received any way other than sardonic and condescending. If it comes from a loving place, then of course it'll be loved. However, the receiver should be WILLING to receive it in love, and not as someone "trying to get them together" or something like that. Now, I never volunteer constructive criticism (unless I'm being sarcastic, which is my trademark and different altogether), but lots of people feel as if that's what they give me. I just smile it off and try extra hard not to G.G. with them...

Speaking of which, working in retail has taught me to be PATIENT. Lord knows, if I were my old self, I could NEVER work in retail and deal with irate customers and actually enjoy it. My coworkers and even nosy, overhearing customers have noticed how I handle situations with ease, whereas most others get flustered. Thankfully, patience is something that I have been blessed with lately. Before, I'd cast one aside with the slightest of ease, like turning a page or tossing trash. Now, I just smile through others' frustrations, for there's lots of victory in patience. In patience possess ye your souls...

Take the time to wait...

So, as I close out this year, I'm going to live it like I lived it thus I wanted to, dagnabbit!! LOL.

But best believe...I'ma do me in 2010...

Two fingaz!!


Toy Couture said...

I may be a little late but I think you should just type your thoughts and leave them at that. Forget the rearranging and what not.

J. Antoinne said...

Better late than never, especially when giving sound advice. Thank you Toy Couture!!